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Case Studies
Detroit Autorama

Scenario:  Autorama is the oldest public event held at Cobo Hall in Detroit. Twenty years ago Autorama organizers came to Linda Ashley and Associates seeking an updated and fresh approach to present itself
to the media.

Approach: Linda Ashley & Associates devised an all-new updated media package representing the show.
Part of the approach has been to capitalize on special features such as The Fonz (Henry Winkler), World Wrestling and Sports Stars, the Little Deuce Coupe and popular teenage TV stars, to gain additional
exposure for Autorama as well as localizing stories as much as possible.

Outcome: This enthusiastic, fresh approach to the traditional event has met with tremendous media
response and is used extensively in pre-event coverage.  Linda Ashley and Associates has been extremely successful in finding and presenting local feature stories about Autorama participants to both community
and major daily press and TV. This has resulted in numerous interview and special TV and radio spots for Autorama participants and celebrities at the event. In addition the national reputation and national coverage of the show in specialty press has grown dramatically and Detroit Autorama is now known as the most important show of its kind in the country. Currently, the show attracts nearly a quarter of a million people
in one weekend.

Ann Arbor Art Fairs

Scenario: The Ann Arbor Art Fairs has a nationally reputation as one of the biggest art fairs in the United States attracting 1,200 artists and over a half million visitors. What most people do not know is that the
Ann Arbor Art Fairs is actually four separate art fairs that are held simultaneously in Ann Arbor the
third week in July. As such, the art fairs lacked a cohesive identity limiting press access and resulting
in less media coverage than would be expected for an event of its stature.

Approach: Since 2002, Linda Ashley & Associates has successfully coordinated all of the activities of the
four art fairs into one comprehensive identity for the total event.

Outcome: By coordinating the identity of the event and helping the separate art fairs to work together,
Linda Ashley & Associates has helped to create a more positive all inclusive image. These efforts have
made it much easier for the media to preview the Ann Arbor Art Fairs for the public and has significantly influenced their positive attitude and resulted in greater coverage.

The Potters Market

Scenario:  Sponsored by the ceramics department of Oakland Community College, Royal Oak campus
The Potters Market wanted to use the occasion of its 25th anniversary to revitalize its image and reach
out to new customers and potential students.

Approach:  Linda Ashley & Associates devised a complete public relations program to promote the event.
This incorporated an excellent information package for the media as well as compelling visual images
of the show. It also placed emphasis on generating local feature stories in print and on TV about the
various artists participating in the show.

Outcome:  The Potters Market sales doubled after the program was set in motion, and Linda Ashley & Associates has been pleased to continue to work with the Potters Market and the Ceramics Department
of Oakland Community College every year since the 25th anniversary, ten years ago, to continue the
media spotlight and attract new devotees to the event and the department.

Fine Art at the Village of Rochester Hills

Scenario: Fine Art at the Village of Rochester Hills was just an idea when organizers approached Linda
Ashley & Associates for her advice on launching the new art show. The location couldn’t be beat. The elegant yet charming shopping center, The Village of Rochester Hills, was a perfect backdrop for the kind of top quality art this very special show would attract. Along with enjoying the exciting fine arts and fine crafts, patrons stroll the tree lines streets, visit over 50 intriguing shops and restaurants, while children enjoy the playground and participate in free arts and crafts activities.

Approach: Linda Ashley & Associates created a strong brand identity for Fine Art at the Village of Rochester Hills establishing it as a top quality art event with a uniquely charming and relaxing atmosphere. It appeals to discerning art lovers and shoppers. Linda Ashley & Associates carried out a complete media campaign getting the word out about the new event.

Outcome: Over the last seven years since its inception, Fine Art at the Village of Rochester Hills has been established as a top quality art event catering to  discerning art lovers and artists.